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Attendance Policies

School starts at 7:45 a.m.

All students must attend school every day and on time. You are considered late and will be marked tardy any time after 7:50 a.m.

Attendance is taken 4 times a day. (Every class period takes attendance)

If a student is marked absent in any of their classes a TELEPARENT message will be sent out.

If a student will be absent please call our Attendance Technician Ms. Susie Munoz at the Attendance office at (323)887-3005.

A student calling an absence will NOT BE ACCEPTED.

If an absent note is sent with the student; the note needs to have:

  • First and Last Name of Student
  • Date of absence
  • Reason for the absence
  • Name, signature and relationship of the person writing the note.

A Doctor's note is required if the student is absent for 3 or more days consecutively.

Any absent note from a parent and/or doctor needs to be turned into the attendance office in the morning to get a re-admit card and present it to every teacher.



Policies for Permission to Leave School

Permission to leave school grounds during school hours are given in the front office.

  • ONLY parents or guardians can request a permit to leave campus.
  • Parents, guardians, or people listed on the emergency card Must come to the office and present their Valid Identification Card.
  • Students 18 years or older must also have parent or guardian consent to leave school grounds.
  • Vail High School is a closed campus.