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Referral to Vail High School

Students that enter Vail High School must be REFERRED by their home schools; Schurr High School, Montebello High School, and Bell Gardens High School. Please contact the students counselor.


Sending School Process:

  • Determine if student is a good candidate for Vail.
  • Alternative Education Referral Form completed with all appropriate signatures (Administrator, Student, Parent, Counselor)
  • If student is RSP, they need to work their IEP Team (NO SDC)
  • Determine English Learner Status is C-3 and above.
  • Determine appropriate age, 16 and above.
  • Vail High School will notify sending schools of intake dates. One Week prior to the intake, sending school send the completed packet to Records Tech, Ms. Cobian.
  • Sending schools needs to make sure that the student and parent are aware of Vail High School's intake dates and time. Do not drop students from Genesis until Vail HS has communicated to you that the student has completed the process.

Alternative Education Referral Form