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Graduation Requirements

Algebra - 20 credits

American Government - 5 credits

Economics - 5 credits

Electives - 60 credits

English - 40 credits

Fine Arts/ Foreign Language - 10 credits

Freshman Studies/Health - 5 credits

Physical Education - 30 credits

Senior Portfolio - 5 credits

Science - 20 credits

US History - 10 credits

World History - 10 credits

Total =  220 credits to Graduate




School Site Council (SSC)

School Site Council Meeting are held in Room A-1.  All parents are welcome.  Meetings will be held monthly.

Principal's Message

Principal Jacinto Zavala

VHS Principal Message 2019-20

I am honored to have the opportunity to serve Vail High School as your acting principal. The core values that I bring to work every day are integrity, equity, and compassion. Leading with integrity means that every decision made is honest and fair with the best interest of our students in mind. This core value also applies to parents, staff, and the community. Equity means ensuring that all students have equal access to instruction, safety, and extracurricular opportunities. Finally, compassion means understanding that every student comes to school with their own set of life experiences and honoring these experiences. These three core values coupled with high expectations in academics and social development will ensure every student is successful not just at Vail High School but also in college, the community, and beyond. I invite you to stop by our school and introduce yourself. I look forward to serving every student, every day.


Jacinto Zavala
Acting Principal